Monie Love, Mista Lawnge, Hall & Oates All On One Track? We Can Go For That (Audio)

Monie Love, one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated female voices and a longtime proponent for equality inside and outside of the booth, formed a group called Heresy recently, an all-woman affair that has been putting in some serious work with Mista Lawnge. The former Black Sheep member produced the group’s “Da Call Out,” a powerhouse track that calls out society’s treatment of women, power-hungry politicians, and accomplices within Hip-Hop journalism who don’t do enough to life the voices of positive role models. Comprised of Monie, Carolina Dirty, Dominique Larue, and MyVerse, Heresy are on the heels of a performance at Atlanta’s A3C Festival and while an official announcement about a new album has yet to be made, a new single is continuing to prove that Heresy is ready to fill a void that currently exists within music – an all-female supergroup.

On “Say It Real Slow,” the four women drop verses on a Mista Lawnge-produced flip of Hall & Oates’ 1982 classic “Maneater.” In this particular version, the Watch Out Boy remix, the ladies get busy around the sampling of the lyrics “watch out boy, she’ll chew you up,” and chew they do. The bars are serious, and the juxtaposition of rich lyrical content with the whimsy of Hall & Oates’ instantly recognizable flair is worth a listen. Check it out.

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