Nipsey Hussle Can Be Soulful. So A Producer Remixes T.M.C. With 100% Soul Samples (Mixtape)

Remixing another artist’s album was once fairly commonplace for emerging (and decorated) producers. 9th Wonder did it with Nas and Jay Z, ultimately earning him a spot working with Hov’. Before he was making global hits as one half of Gnarls Barkley, Rhode Island’s Danger Mouse blended The Grey Album. DJ Evil Dee and Da Beatminerz gave Buckshot & 9th’s Chemistry a Black Moon makeover in 2006 as Alter The Chemistry.

Nipsey Hussle is not an artist that Heads may expect to get a full-on remix treatment. The Los Angeles, California MC has no album in stores, despite top-shelf mixtape success over the last decade. His November, 2011 T.M.C. (The Marathon Continues) is a stellar jewel in that digital discography. Featuring YG and Dom Kennedy, this tape is revered as one of the best-in-class of the last five years.

Wichita, Kansas’ Chuck Ro$e hit Ambrosia For Heads on Twitter with his remixed presentation of T.M.C. The 20-track effort features some clever-but-overt samples by S.W.V., Xscape, and Luther Vandross are just some of the elements that can be heard in this soulful, fun listening. Fans of that early Just Blaze, Kanye West, and Heatmakerz style (all influenced by RZA) may appreciate a little dusty, pitched-up Soul to go with their Nip’ street introspection.

What’s a project you’d like to see remixed?

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