Organized Noize Show Just How They Made That Outkast & Goodie Mob Magic on Rhythm Roulette (Video)

From Outkast to Goodie Mob to Future, Organized Noize have been essential creators to the last 25 years of Hip-Hop. The Atlanta, Georgia-based trio of Sleepy Brown, Ray Murray, and Rico Wade are stellar samplers, as well as amazing musicians. So the latest guests to play Mass Appeal‘s Rhythm Roulette game should raise a few interested eyebrows.

Blindfolded in the record store, the trio snags vinyl records of ’70s Irish Rock & Roll band Thin Lizzy, late ’60s Motown masters The Four Tops, and the original “kid sister,” Janet Jackson. It’s worth noting that luck of the draw is huge here, compared to some past R.R. players. Back at the Dungeon studios (with the legendary plaques on the wall of Killer Mike and more), the guys get to listening, pulling, and arranging.

What’s interesting about Organized is how all three Grammy Award-winners (and label owners) get busy in their own work stations, side-by-side. Ray, Rico, and Sleepy all have different samples and equipment. They jam together, almost as Jazz musicians would. There is interplay and artists basically communicating through sound alone. This game turns into a rare glimpse into the Organized Noize/Dungeon Family creative process. In the end, they pick apart the meat for a beat that might suit Cee Lo beautifully, or even an R&B star, such as Miss Jackson—Janet, that is.

Do you think this resulting beat could (or should) be shopped?

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