Rapper Big Pooh Looks at the True Cost of Being a Drug Boss (Audio)

Rapper Big Pooh’s lyrics often deal in relationships, a deep love of music, and sometimes, a passion for sports. On “300Z” from his upcoming Home Sweet Home album (November 13) with fellow Virginia native Nottz, Heads can hear Pooh in the mind-state of a drug-dealer. No, the Little Brother co-founder is not another MC changing his narrative well into a successful career. Rather, this song externalizes the artist into the shoes of a man out to gain material riches at the cost of his community.

Nottz provides R.B.P. with a really dynamic beat that sounds different than his usual pocket. In places, this may sound like much of the Rap landscape’s sincere music, as Pooh talks about stashing away his Nissan, Audi, and Mazda earned from curb-servin’. But listen closely, and you’ll hear some subversive commentary at what is lost everyday when we tell ourselves we’re simply out to gain.

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