Relive The Game-Changing Moments & Freestyles Of Stretch & Bobbito’s Show (Audio)

Yesterday (October 25) marked an even 25 years since DJ Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito The Barber first took airwaves together. Beginning on that date in 1990, their Columbia University WKCR radio show would eventually change the sound and faces of Hip-Hop, thanks to major introductions of talent–including Nas, Big L (pictured below, between Bobbito and Buckwild), Jay Z, Mobb Deep, O.C., and many others.

The subject of a currently traveling film, Stretch and Bob’ joined their longtime affiliate DJ Lord Sear at Shade 45 for a two-hour special focused on the radio trailblazing show. With interviews, trademark teasing and laughter, and anecdotes (as well as stop-in’s from other Hip-Hop figures), the two DJs and personalities brought audio jewels to share that impact with the Sirius XM satellite audience. Heads can hear raw Nas freestyle appearances, Big L Corleone dazzling displays, The Fugees flowing, and a fully-fatigued Boot Camp Clik, plus lots more.


Whether you wear listening in live in the ’90s or revisiting through YouTube and cassettes, do you have a favorite Stretch & Bob’ moment?

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