Run The Jewels Release a Fittingly Trippy Visual For Angel Duster (Video)

Run The Jewels are working their way through the self-titled sophomore album, which released one year ago today (October 24). El-P and Killer Mike are lacing fans with visuals to seemingly all of the Mass Appeal Records album’s songs. But that’s not all they’re lacing…

“Angel Duster” plays off of the trippy sticks (a/k/a PCP-sprinkled joints) that some recreational drug users favor. The manic closing track taps into the dynamic responses from smokin’ sherm’ (allegedly named in the counter-culture after the late actor Sherman Hemsley and his outbursts). For the visual, bursts of color are inter-cut with El and Mike’s indulgences, buggin’ out for the cameras. This moment on the LP appears deeply rooted to El’s Def Jux era work.

Previously, Jayo Felony, Sean Price, and Gil Scott-Heron have made records about angel dust.

Which R.T.J. album (the first or the second) do you think is best?

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