This DJ’s Dedication To Jam Master Jay & MCA Rocks To The Heavens (Mix)

Today (October 30) marks the 13th anniversary of the day Jam Master Jay (a/k/a Jason Mizell) was murdered. The iconic Run-D.M.C. co-founder profoundly influenced Hip-Hop’s sound, turntable techniques, and fashion—in addition to helping along the careers of ONYX, 50 Cent, and even Jayo Felony.

In the 13 years without Jay, Hip-Hop has lost some of Jay’s friends and collaborators. Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys, as well as seminal Run-D.M.C., Fat Boys, and Whodini producer Larry Smith are just two luminaries who passed in the last five years.

Brisbane, Australia’s DJ Bacon takes all of these major losses into account and heartfelt thought in making an eight-minute medley called “Run-BST” (a play on Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys). With over 150 familiar group samples, this reconstructive mix honors these groups, these late Hip-Hop icons, and the producer with a hard-rocking, scratch-savvy mix that literally is a party-to-go. We think it’s safe to say that Jay, MCA, and Larry would approve.

Says DJ Bacon: “Released on the anniversary of Jam Master Jays passing, all profits from the release will be donated back to the Jam Master Jay and Adam Yauch foundations to further the legacy they created and invest in future music and community projects the foundations are supporting. Particularly music projects for youth.

Spotted at ego trip!.

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