This UGK Quiz Is Too Hard To Swallow. Only Trill Fans Stand a Chance (Quiz)

Earlier this week, Ambrosia For Heads shared an interview with Pimp C biographer Julia Beverly. Having recently published her 700+ page authorized book, Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, the OZONE magazine creator and veteran photographer provided AFH with a wealth of insider perspective on Chad Butler’s career, personality, and life—especially the time between his incarceration and tragic 2007 death.

UGK’s impact on Hip-Hop culture, especially in 2010s, is massive. Bun B, Pimp C, and their personalities are something today’s artists study, emulate, and uphold in various musical movements. With that, much of Hip-Hop pays close attention and researches the group, its founders, and a story-line that goes back to the late 1980s. However, thanks to years of work and interviewing at an investigative level, Julia Beverly helped create a custom Rapology quiz that may stump even the most knowledgeable Heads.

Play the quiz, and let us know how you did. If you enjoy Hip-Hop quizzes, you can download the Rapology app for free.

So, is your UGK knowledge trill?

Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story

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