This Quiz Spells DOOM For All But The Masked Villain’s Most Knowledgeable Fans

MF DOOM’s career and discography is quite a lot to keep up with. That statement is going to be true for any 25-plus-year veteran, but considering that Daniel Dumile has multiple aliases, many labels, live albums, instrumental albums, group works, and an onslaught of guest appearances, the Masked Villain can be a true brain-buster for Hip-Hop Heads. However, more so than many, the former KMD front-man has cult fans, who helped bring the Underground Hip-Hop icon to the charts, and global touring.

With questions that aren’t too far off for new and novice DOOM Heads, here’s a Rapology quiz—which also aims to tickle the brain banks of the villain’s most die-hard fans. With multiple choice, we challenge you to get all 10 correct on the first try (without some help from Google). Take the challenge and, if you dig it, you can download the Hip-Hop app for free.

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