An Attorney Is Seeking to Re-Open an Investigation of RZA & Raekwon For Murder

In 1999, two reported Staten Island, New York drug dealers, Jerome “Boo Boo” Estella and Corey “Shank Bank” Brooker were murdered in unrelated incidents. Two rival drug dealers, Anthony and Harvey Christian have been convicted of running a 20-year drug empire, as well as ordering the fatal Estrella attack. According to The New York Post, the brothers’ attorney, Michael Gold, has “demanded” prosecutors take a closer look at all parties involved with the crime.

As the Harveys await sentencing, Gold seeks further review of an FBI investigation that included two Wu-Tang Clan co-founders, RZA and Raekwon. The information attaches the two musicians to Brooker’s murder, and states that both drug dealers died as a retaliation to robbing RZA and Rae’s relatives. Prosecutor and Assistant US Attorney Allon Lifshitz asserted that the relevant information had already been provided prior to trial — and included excerpts from the previous federal investigation to support the claim.


Reportedly in the investigation against Anthony and Harvey, who have been referred to as “drug kingpins,” one informant named Brian Humphreys told authorities that Robert “RZA” Diggs and Corey “Raekwon” Woods were attached to the incidents. Specifically, Humphreys stated that Estella had robbed RZA’s younger brother, in addition to his conflict with the convicted brothers.

Humphreys’ testimony clarified another informant, Paul “Uncles” Ford’s statement. An excerpt of the investigative notes, first published in The Staten Island Advance yesterday (November 3) reads, “’Uncles’ was talking about ‘Boo Boo’ and said that he had just come home and robbed RZA’s brother and that they would likely come after him for that. Humphreys believes ‘Uncles’ was referring to members of Wu-Tang.”

Per reports, Raekwon’s name appears in the notes associated with the presently unsolved murder of Brooker. Brooker was murdered after Estrella, in June, 1999. The investigation is looking into Brooker’s death as an ordered hit by the Wu-Tang Clan producer/MC, as retaliation for robbing RZA’s brother and Raekwon’s cousin, for a reported $30,000.

“In this passage, Ford advised that Brooker — who died after the Estella murder — was murdered by a person hired by RZA, i.e., by a Wu Tang Clan associate, and that Estella may have been murdered as a result of a dispute between Brooker and RZA,” Assistant US Attorney Allon Lifshitz wrote in his filing.

The Post added that “Prosecutors contend that any purported Wu-Tang connection has no bearing on the Christian brothers’ guilt.”

The reports do not state if the young brother of RZA in question is Terrance “9th Prince” Hamlin. 9th Prince is also a musician, and a founding member of Wu-Tang Clan off-shoot, Killarmy.

There is no statute of limitations surrounding murder. In 2011, former Bad Boy Records artist G. Dep was sentenced to 15 years for a 1993 murder of a man in New York City. In 2010, the man born Trevell Coleman turned himself in for the cold case murder.

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