Anderson .Paak Blends Soul Power With Rap Reality On A 9th Wonder Groove (Audio)

This weekend, Anderson .Paak released his first official solo single following a booming three months of attention. With both Dr. Dre and DJ Premier in his corner, the part singer, part MC unleashed “The Season / Carry Me,” which is incredibly demonstrative of his style and range.

Dr. Dre dropped the needle on the song via his own Beats 1 Radio show, as the two-pronged song hit iTunes. “The Season” is an amazing here-and-now reflection of .Paak’s life. 9th Wonder provides a fuzzy, simple beat that leaves little room for silence. In what almost appears to be lucid improvisation, Anderson lets loose everything on his mind, and it forcibly grabs the listener. In the extended solo introduction, the song shifts to “Carry Me.” This song is a call-back to .Paak’s youth, as an evocative ode to his mother. From skills to writing, these two songs showcase Anderson .Paak’s brilliance, and why he is hopefully here to stay.

Could Anderson .Paak be the next great Dr. Dre-cosigned star?

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