Around the World, Street Art is Embracing Paris & Celebrating Its Resiliency

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have dominated international headlines, and while certainly not the only incidents of tragedy happening in the world today, tributes to the city, its victims, and its spirit have loomed large. Since the November 13 events, millions across social media platforms voiced support, and now the globe’s street artists are getting involved, plastering messages of love, peace, and unity in cities as spread out as Houston, Texas and Melbourne, Australia.

In the #SprayForParis campaign (a clever adaptation of the #PrayForParis movement), artists are joining forces to adorn the streets of Paris and other locales with murals and graffiti, and those who see the art-in-solidarity are encouraged to photograph and share, using the hashtag. The Guardian has collected a handful, including a chalk-drawn mural decorating a street for many yards on the site where a suicide bomber executed his deadly initiative. And, while this selection is beautifully curated and exemplary of similar efforts elsewhere, one would be remiss not to explore the hashtag, particularly on Instagram, to see thousands of similar examples. Check out some of these artistic tributes below.





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