Jill Scott Is Crowned The Lady Of Soul & This Speech Captures Her Essence (Video)

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At last night’s 2015 Soul Train Awards (November 29), Jill Scott received the first-ever “Lady Of Soul” honors. The North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native released her fifth studio album, Woman, earlier this year, and received a #1 spot on the charts. Accepting the honors following more than 15 years building her incredible R&B/Soul career, Jill graced the stage with a very touching speech:

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“The goal was to write something that you could relate to. The goal was to be in your house, when you make that new baby. [The goal was] to be there to squash that new argument, to incite it, if necessary. I’ve never made an attempt—I didn’t want to be sexy for anybody. I swear I didn’t; but I did want to write some sexy stuff for ya,” said a smiling Ms. Scott. She continued, addressing a point of contention in her career, as far back as being replaced on Grammy Award-winning Things Fall Apart hit “You Got Me” (by Erykah Badu) at the request of MCA Records executives. “Why does it matter what I look like? As long as I tell my story and you relate to it, and you laugh with it, and you live with it, and that’s what you’ve doing. And I appreciate the respect. And I thank my village: Love Village. I thank you for treating me with respect, ’cause I earned it, and I like it. Thank you so much.”

What is your favorite Jill Scott musical moment?

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