M.O.P. vs. ONYX May Make Heads Ante Up & Slam Down Some Cash (Video)

M.O.P. and ONYX both emerged on the scene around the same time. These early 1990s New York City Hip-Hop crews won over Rap fans and beyond with an energy that at times, was Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. Both acts loved yelling, screaming, and barking into the microphones, as they rapped about realities of Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of the five boroughs that weren’t getting proper media representation. Moreover, these acts had big brother backers such as Jam Master Jay, Russell Simmons, DJ Premier, and Jaz-O that believed in the voices of Billy Danze, Lil Fame, Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Sonny Seeza, and the late Big DS.

Those two acts are now going to hope to challenge each other, in a crowd-sourced album known as M.O.P. vs. ONYX. Similar to the forthcoming DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock album, this is forecast to be a thematic album of the crews seeing who is best, strictly on wax. The artwork (posted at egotrip!) suggests that the project would be produced by German outfit, The Snowgoons—who has worked with each act previously. The groups and producers want $30,000 to fund the potential album, via Kickstarter. More than $2,700 has been raised since the announcement earlier today (November 23).

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In a video, M.O.P. co-founder Billy Danze weighed in, “The question of M.O.P. vs. ONYX, or ONYX vs. M.O.P., to me, doesn’t even make sense, man.” Calling out fans for doubting “the world famous” Mash Out Posse, he added, “Maybe we above the radar, and you don’t get it.” However, to settle the question, Bill is on board. “If that’s what we doin’, let’s do it. We ain’t foldin’ for nothin’, and we gonna bring it how we always brought it.” Pointing out that this battle would not move past the microphone, he called the theme a “friendly competition.”

It is unclear if Sonny, who was not present on last year’s WakeDaFucUp, would be involved.

So, since Bill brought it up, who you got: M.O.P. or ONYX?

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