Nas Blesses Jeezy’s Remix To Bring Some God’s Son To “GOD” (Audio)

Over the last 10 years, Young Jeezy and Nas have maintained a strong working relationship. Longtime Def Jam Records label-mates, Nasir and Snowman both feed on giving the masses inspirational words, that apply whether you’re on the bottom or at the top.

“My President” saluted the Commander-In-Chief during Jeezy’s Recession campaign, while both unmistakable vocalists showed out for Nicki Minaj’s “Champion” several years later. Now, Jeezy has released Church In These Streets on Friday (November 13). With status, religion, and deities as heavy themes on the Def Jam LP, Nas reached out to touch “GOD.” The song was a call to the street congregation (per Jeezy’s open letter companion to the original) to put down the weapons and cease the violence.

Nas gets bossy in a mid-song additional verse. The Mass Appeal exec stresses how the eye-for-an-eye lifestyle is not the move. He spits with conviction, and continues the pious metaphor.


How do you feel about the Nas and Jeezy chemistry?

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