Public Enemy’s 1988 WNYU Radio Concert Still Moves The Needle (Audio)

1988 was a benchmark year for Public Enemy. The same calendar year that Chuck D, Terminator X, Professor Griff, and Flavor Flav released It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, the crew appeared on WNYU radio, 89.1 on the FM dial.

This week, the New York University station recently uploaded the appearance to Soundcloud. The 10-plus-minute spot features lots of hard rapping, razor sharp scratching, Gil Scott Heron and David Bowie beat-drops. The sum of its parts is a moment of sound in a P.E. medley that needs to be accessible in the digital era. Although the bass hits didn’t preserve the best, this is an amazing glimpse at what a Public Enemy set felt like in ’88—with an ill album out, and the energy of a Hip-Hop nation behind them.

If you like Public Enemy on radio, make sure you’re up on Chuck D’s Rapstation platform.

Photograph by Ronnie Randall.

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