Pusha T & Chris Brown Keep The Chemistry Bubbling With Uncompromisingly Honest Verses (Audio)

Over the course of the last three years, Chris Brown and Pusha T have displayed a strong chemistry across genre and demographic. On albums from each, the two Virginia representatives find a pocket that can be about talkin’ slick (“D.G.I.F.U”) or the art of seduction (“Sweet Serenade”). On the newly-released “Holy Angel,” it’s a bit deeper. From Breezy’s Before The Party mixtape (posted below), there is nothing ephemeral about this cut.

C.B. opens in Rap mode, talking to his critics and judges. The Pop/R&B leader speaks freely, and delivers his thoughts with a conviction rarely heard in his raps. After the soothing chorus, Pusha Ton comes in, speaking about the formation and break-up of The Clipse, loyalty, Def Jam’s finances, and juggling a fledgling career with the hustle. There are some strong quotables here from the Re-Up Gang co-founder.

#Bonus Beat: A set-up to the Royalty album (December 18)here is Before The Party by Chris Brown, featuring Wale, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

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