Red Pill Joins Blu For A Song About The Strife Life On A Soothing Oddisse Beat (Audio)

Michigan MC Red Pill is gifted in putting the circumstances of everyday twenty-something living. He makes songs about recreational alcoholism, a generational chasm, and going in on some junk food. But whatever the topic, the Mello Music Group MC comes with a sincerity and soul that’s hard to replicate. For “Fly On The Window,” he welcomes another artist who is gifted at reaching hearts and minds the same: Blu. Both acts talk about their world, an element of depression, and living each day with hope to overcome the doldrums.

Oddisee creates a warm beat that’s juxtaposed against the chilly message. The Diamond District front man employs some classic kicks and snares, and blends them seamlessly into his own progressive style.

This is an inclusion on Friday’s (November 27) Day Drunk EP.

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