Syd tha Kyd Injects Her Soulful Talent Into Another Modern-Day Love Song (Audio)

As the frontwoman for the Internet, Syd tha Kyd has proven herself to be one of this generation’s most talented artists, combining elements of classic R&B with more contemporary stylings of Neo-Soul and PBR&B. But, strip all those labels away and what’s left is bona fide Soul music. Earlier this year, the Internet released its third studio album, Ego Death, earning it a wave of new fans thanks in part to being featured by outlets like NPR. However, Heads are familiar with the band’ earlier works, including the 2011 debut, Purple Naked Ladies, released shortly after Syd (as she has been referred to of late) and fellow OFWGKTA member Matt Martians formed the group.

Earlier this week, Syd dropped “Smile More,” a loosie that appears not to be part of the Internet’s body of work. The song oozes with sensuality, with some elements of the chopped and screwed technique making it feel like molasses, in the best possible way. News of a new Internet album or a solo venture for Syd has not been announced, but either way the girl is impossible to ignore. Check out the song below.

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