Tech N9ne & Murs Make A Jam About Stresses Building Up & Self-Medicating (Audio)

Tech N9ne and Murs are not MCs who have a discography filled with anthems about smoking and strip clubs. While Tech is a Caribou Lou drink mixologist, and Murray has admitted some vices in the past, a record title like “A Blunt & A Ho” stands out for both lyricists—on paper alone. It should. From Tech’s Strangeulation, Vol. 2 album (November 20), the record truly is about anything but drugs and sex.

Instead, the MCs (also joined by Ubiquitous), explain how not paying taxes, being relatively reckless, and carefree put them in costly positions. It just so happens that when it comes to releasing those stresses, they let the subversively catchy hook and banging beat take over.

Should a record like this get proper club burn?

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