The Fat Boys Had The Thanksgiving Spirit In This Unforgettable Music Video

While the Thanksgiving holiday means many things to many different cultures and people, most observers can agree that at the heart of it, is togetherness. Ambrosia For Heads wishes our readers, friends, and families a safe, happy holiday and time together.

Beyond the spirit of family and togetherness, Thanksgiving is also typically about a feast. In looking at happy-go-hungry MCs, Hip-Hop may never see an act quite like The Fat Boys. Around the time that Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski, and Buffy (f/k/a Buff Love) were making mainstream introductions, Krush Groove was a critical tipping point. In addition to the beatbox excellence, charming rhymes, and a catchy beat, the song had a cool gimmick. The three plump MCs made a song, and a video that was all about gluttony. As Run-D.M.C. had their leather jackets, Kurtis Blow had his curl, The Disco 3 (the Fat Boys’ original name) had full-figured flavor on the microphone.

In the video, the trio reeks on a Midtown Manhattan Sbarro, in the era of New York City all-you-can-eat buffets. In a period piece of fashion, food, and music, Mark, Buff’, and Kool Rock made a song that stick to the ribs of Rap consumers, who would stay with the early 1980s group throughout the decade. While The Fat Boys had plenty of other hits, this visual, song, and idea is what many tend to remember:

Happy holidays, from AFH.

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