Bernie Sanders Calls Out Republicans for “Suicidal Course” on Climate Change (Video)

Last night, Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, where the Broooklyn, New York native outlined the major points of his political platform for a very receptive audience. After calling Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s politics “demagoguery” and “crap,” Sanders focused on what he feels are the most important issues facing Americans, things the media and his competitors are not focusing on enough. The disappearing middle class, campaign finance legislation, incarceration rates, and climate change became his biggest talking points, and he didn’t hold back any fiery rhetoric, and it became clear quite early on in the interview that he is determined to succeed in the primary elections with his plan to address the aforementioned.

Around 17:30 into the episode, Fallon asks Sanders about his climate change plan, which includes a focus on fossil fuels. “Pope Francis just mentioned the other week that if we don’t get our act together, we are on a suicidal course, and I get very upset with my Republican colleagues who refuse to even acknowledge the reality of climate change,” Sanders begins. “But here’s the s scoop: If we don’t transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, there is no doubt that the planet that we’re leaving our children and grandchildren will be much less habitable,” he vehemently argues. “The good news is we know how to go forward. We know how to transform our energy system. We need now the political will to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, the coal industry, the oil industry, the Koch brothers,” says Sanders. “What we have to tell them is campaign contributions are not as important to the American people as the future of this planet.”

Check out the entire interview below, which begins in the episode’s second segment.

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