Blackalicious’ Gift Of Gab Has Made a Sports Version of “Alphabet Aerobics” (Video)

For a 20-plus-year group, Blackalicious is one of the only Hip-Hop acts whose biggest hit lives exclusively on an EP. “Alphabet Aerobics,” found on 1999’s A2G EP has taken on a life of its own. From famed remixes, to viral video performances, to “magical” cover renditions, the Gift Of Gab’s alliterated lyricism through the alphabet is an MC clinic to the fullest extent of the definition.

Two months after releasing Imani, Vol. 1, the Sacramento, California group’s first LP in a decade, they reworked their cult-championed deep cut. Gab hops on Chief Xcel’s signature beat to go through the 26-letter alphabet, and redirect his verses to be entirely sports related. Bleacher Report is behind this animated video rendition.

In the canon of Hip-Hop and sports songs (see: Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball,” Nelly’s “Heart Of A Champion,” and LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”), is this the new standard?

Perhaps Gatorade, Nike, or a sporting goods giant may want to cut the check to the Quannum Projects/Solesides O.G.’s?

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