Busta Rhymes Won’t Drink the Kool-Aid When it Comes to the Planned Parenthood Attack (Video)

Last night’s episode of The Nightly Show was framed around a recent cooking segment that aired on Fox News in which a White host asked his guest – a Black chef – if she makes Kool-Aid for Thanksgiving. The immediate backlash spread across social media, with most feeling his question was dripping in racist undertones. Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore discussed the segment in question, but ran with the Kool-Aid metaphor throughout the episode’s entirety, frequently referring to what he says is Fox News’ tendency to serve up Kool-Aid to its viewers. A reference to the infamous Jonestown Massacre in which dozens partook in a mass suicide after drinking the tainted beverage, Wilmore’s metaphor worked brilliantly, as he listed off examples of Fox’s snap-judgment reporting, failure to fact check, and consistent use of “fear-mongering” to incite viewers to adopt a particular feeling about any given story.

That metaphor continued into the panel segment, which included Busta Rhymes, who had some strong points to make about the recent deadly shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, where three people were killed by who can only be described as a politically motivated zealot who, upon being arrested, allegedly cried out “no more baby parts.” Those choice words seem to be taken directly from rhetoric surrounding the falsified “undercover videos” allegedly documenting Planned Parenthood authorities suggesting they are in the business of selling fetal tissue. Despite it being proven the videos were heavily edited and doctored, the idea of “baby parts” being sold off to the highest bidder became a talking point with many conservatives, including presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who used the rhetoric in a recent debate. Wilmore rightfully suggested that conservative media (i.e. Fox News) played a large role in promoting that rhetoric, taking a strong pro-life stance on abortion and supporting the accusations proposed in the doctored videos.

When asked if comparing serving up metaphorical Kool-Aid to its viewers to Fox News’ promotion of this idea that Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling baby parts is justified, Busta seemingly agrees. “They [Fox News] seem to really be putting a magnifying glass on these [fringe] people who really have no life or sense of purpose, and they give them a sense of purpose,” he says. “Like the dude who went in and shot up the Planned Parenthood. He’s the guy who’s probably sitting at home (well, he probably lives in the woods or some shit)…I just think it’s incredible the sensationalism from a media perspective is so outta control to me that it just magnifies it and multiplies it so all the other nondescript, worthless individuals that don’t have a proper perspective on life and value…it gives them the perspective that ‘OK, now we’re the shit because we just did this and we’re all over the news and they’re gonna be talkin’ about us and we’re gonna become these martyrs.'” Busta’s critique doesn’t stop there. Check out the entire segment below to hear what else he had to say.

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