KRS-One Reveals The Secrets of the Illuminati & Says There Is Nothing To Fear (Video)

They don’t call KRS-One “the Teacha” for nothing. The iconic Bronx, New York MC, teacher, poet, and philosopher recently blasted off for a group of young minds in California. Taking questions from audience members, the Now Hear This creator spoke in depth about the difference between Masons and the Illuminati, with facts to support his claims. Moreover, an especially animated Boogie Down Productions co-founder makes a strong claim about the forces of good and evil in the universe.

“No, I’m not a Mason,” KRS-One began, in addressing the listener’s question on the existence of an Illuminati, and the Spiritual Minded MC’s potential affiliation. The Hip-Hop legend did add that he has studied Freemasonry for 20 years. “I’ve known Freemasons all my life. They trust me with their secrets. They trust me with their symbols. They trust me with their knowledge. I’m considered a 33º Master Mason; I’m not a Mason. I’m sort of what you would call an honorary member, because I understand the truth. Masonry is not the Illuminati. Freemasonry is—or was, as it started off—what ‘science’ would be called today. Back in the days, there were several sects that knew the truth. They would put that truth into whatever craft they were practicing at the time.” KRS-One used the craft of ship-making as an example, and the implementation of maritime law. He said that Masons used applications from spirituality to excel in their crafts. “Those who would make ships would put spiritual concepts into the ship-making.” KRS-One also called “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” a Masonic poem to illustrate his point. He said that Freemasons veil the truth, but it is there for the taking. “Secrets are put into the craft of the teacher; the teacher does not blatantly tell you.” KRS-One also traced the Masonic teachings back to Egyptian mythology. Blastmasta told the young minds how this relates to a contemporary Mason temple on Los Angeles, California’s Wilshire Boulevard.

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There in the discussion, KRS-One drew the lines of distinction. “I mention all of that just to draw a wedge between Freemasonry and Illuminati. The Illuminati is a different group. Some of them may have been Freemasons, but Masonry is about the building of Man, as Solomon’s Temple.” He continued, “Illuminati is a group of scientists that were against the Church, and the Church was against them. Some 17th century philosophers called themselves ‘the illuminated ones’—ones who bring light into the world. They were scientists basically, who were saying that The Bible is not the whole truth. [They were saying] that a guy like Sir Francis Bacon, who everybody believes is the true writer for [William] Shakespeare […] Francis Bacon is somebody who you would say is part of the Illuminati—not a bad group. The Illuminati has nothing to do with evil.”

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Kris broke the the Illuminati into two connotations. The first, he teaches, were “a group of scholars that are not looking at reality based on the Church. They’re looking at it based on what we now call ‘science.'” He then spoke of the second Illuminati. “The other Illuminati is a group of bankers that start with the Rothschild’s—there was one Rothschild and five sons. Each Rothschild [son] controlled a part of Europe.” KRS-One said each son got a prominent country, and listed examples. “It was a Jewish family [that] started a banking conglomerate throughout Europe [that was lending]: making money on money. Their banking practice got so big that they began to finance governments—a bank began to finance wars and things like that. This group of bankers got slapped with the term ‘Illuminati.’ Bilderberg [Group], Trilateral Commission—these are all groups and committees of nerds that want you to believe that they are someone for you to fear.”

In addressing the question, KRS-One summarized, “Those that know the truth know what the Illuminati is, you know what Freemasonry is. In fact, you know that the only reason you can even speak the word ‘Freemason’ and ‘Illuminati’ is because the true secret society is operating on us right now and we don’t even know [it]. Those who are really in control, we don’t even know their names. We will never know their names. Here’s the secret to life, right here: the ones that are in control are righteous and good. The world is controlled by righteous people! Those righteous people that rule the world make you believe that they are to be feared so you don’t rob them, and beat them, and run up in the White House and demand justice. These people keep big security around them [all the time]. Why? ‘Cause they [are] scared.”

The video closes with some additional footage of KRS-One speaking to and engaging with the audience, very much like a professor.

Did KRS-One just teach you something?

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