MC Eiht Hit The Mic Like A Menace In 1993. This Low-Key Remix Dodged The Jackers (Audio)

In 1993, MC Eiht’s career was riding high, and in style. Like KRS-One with Boogie Down Productions, “the Compton Psycho” was stepping beyond Compton’s Most Wanted and getting his solo name popping. Signed to Epic Records, Eiht never lost sight of his band-mates after Music To Driveby, but went full throttle (on three-wheel motion) into Top 5 debuting, gold-certified 1994 solo debut, We Come Strapped.

A key vehicle (no pun intended) to get him there was Hughes Brothers film, Menace II Society. Eiht played one of the film’s most electrifying characters in O.G. O-Dog, an older head with a lot of dirt underneath his fingernails. To correspond, Eiht—praised for his storytelling knack on the mic—made a soundtrack single, that narrated elements of the ’93 film. With original produced by C.M.W.’s DJ Slip (who also held down the remix) and a young QDIII (Quincy Jones, III), the Jive/Zomba Records 12″ single featured a jazzed-up remix. Keen watchers of the film may spot the alternate mix appearing briefly in the film. To the record-buying community, it was a welcomed B-side treat from the artist who also worked on the Boyz N’ The Hood soundtrack two years prior.

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#BonusBeat: Footage of the “Streiht Up Menace (Remix)” appearing in Menace II Society, quite notably in a very memorable scene (for 5.0 Mustang lovers as well) no less:

Lastly, in 2006, Eiht and DJ Slip created the final chapter of the saga in Compton’s Most Wanted’s “Still A Menace.”

This year, Eiht and Gang Starr affiliate DJ Cam released the Street Life EP. Don’t sleep.

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