Mobb Deep Revisted a Classic Eminem Track to Show Off a Different Flow (Audio)

For 21 weeks, DJ Absolut has been dropping heat for his ongoing Mixtape Mondays series and today’s installment features infamous Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep. Havoc and Prodigy can be heard delivering some serious freestyle measures over Eminem’s 2000 sinister single, “The Way I Am.” In its original form, the song is a diatribe against all of the societal structures and groups of people who shamelessly attempted to censor, control, and criticize Marshall Mathers at a time when his unbridled aggression was causing ripples of controversy throughout the media.

On the Mobb Deep-infused version, the content is equally aggressive, although with more focus on the streets and sexual exploits. However, one can clearly hear the Eminem-inspired delivery in some of the bars, as Havoc and Prodigy ride the beat closely, switching up the tempo of their flows more than usual. The result is a refreshing mix of the gutter-grown sound Mobb Deep is famous for with the bounce of a mainstream classic. Check it out below.

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