Public Enemy Affiliate Johnny Juice Blends Bruce Lee Samples With Raw Hip-Hop (Audio)

DJ Johnny Juice Rosado has been a critical role-player in Hip-Hop music for nearly 30 years. In addition to his own career and vast production credentials (Son Of Bazerk, On The Shoulders Of Giants, etc.), Juice was a session DJ and turntablist and integral behind-the scenes-player with Public Enemy through their meteoric 1980s rise. Juice also reportedly supplied the group and The Bomb Squad with samples, from his massive collection of vinyl records. The Bronx, New York native has remained active in music, production, and DJ’ing.

Johnny released a new song, “Dragon Seeks Path,” behind the wheels of steel, honoring martial arts through turntablism. For loves of Jiu Jitsu and crisp vinyl cuts alike, this DJ moments carries the top belt. Many of the vocal samples heard on this song are from the iconic martial arts star and film actor Bruce Lee. Together the samples, dialogue, and lyrics aim to “paint a fantastic picture of the importance of battle in Hip-Hop as a tool of self perfection.”

“Dragon Seeks Path” will appear on the upcoming Hip-Hop Chess Federation Presents… Street Games Vol. 2 Mixtape (February 14).

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