Raury’s Latest Takes an Inside Look at Life in the Trap (Video)

Atlanta, Georgia artist Raury has continued to impress fans with his multiple talents, combining rapping, singing, and talents playing instruments to forge his unique perspective. Most of his music has a political tone or a deeply personal story line, and at only 19 years old, he is poised to take on a long and fruitful career in music. In October, he released his debut studio album All We Need, which features Big K.R.I.T., RZA, and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, in addition to production handled primarily by Raury himself. Today, he released a video for “Trap Tears,” a melodic reflection featuring beautiful guitar riffs played by the young star and lamentations on family struggles related to poverty and addiction. The genius of the song is Raury’s approach to Trap, implementing the genre’s musical characteristics in the hook, but opting for a softer, acoustic approach for the verses.

The video features images of the highs and lows of life, including depictions of a trap house, where money, drugs, and weapons are stored by those involved with selling drugs. It’s a peek into not just the perils of such a path, but also the draws: vehicles, popularity, and wealth. Images of older men living the dangerous lifestyle are mixed in with images of Raury and featured guest artist Key! living life freely, enjoying its thrills while those living the trap life are constantly consumed with concerns about violence and incarceration. Check out the subtle beauty below.

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