2 Of These Albums Will Be In The Top 10 Of The 1990s. You Decide Which Ones.

This September, Ambrosia For Heads returned to “Finding The GOAT,” our annual voting series that polls readers and fans to determine the Greatest Of All-Time. Following 2014-2015’s quest to use votes to determine the GOAT MC, we are asking readers to determine the greatest of all-time Hip-Hop album.

“Finding The GOAT Album” considers 120 albums from three individual eras (40 in each), with options for wild card and write-in candidates. At 8pm EST today (December 13), the 1990s era reaches its Top 10. All of these will move on to the final 32.

Before the 1990s can close, there are two battles that are currently at less than 2% margins.

It’s hard to imagine a Top 10 without Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt or Ice Cube’s Death Certificate. However, both of these Priority-distributed platinum efforts cannot move on. In one of the tightest margins of the “Finding The GOAT Album” series thus far, it likely will be a nail-biter until the clock runs out. A lyrically-savvy Gangsta Rap narrative competes against an album of hustlers anthems in this show-down:

The best-selling Death Row Records album takes on the album that previously held that distinction. Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez On Me is a diamond-certified album filled with passion, anger, and in-the-moment testimony from Rap’s Thug Angel. Snoop Doggy Dogg’s 1993 debut, Doggystyle is a Gangsta Rap party-to-go, filled with instrumentation, cool deliveries, and liquid-like lyrics. These collaborators, friends, and ’90s icons each have only one album on the table to reach the Top 10. These were “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” but only one has an album that can still be on the run after today:

As your votes seal some fates, Ambrosia For Heads will announce the Top 10 tonight at 10pm EST. Stay tuned, as tomorrow (December 14) kicks off the 2000s. Things are getting crazy.

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