This Footage Captures the Energy of Erykah Badu’s Sold-Out Brooklyn Performance (Video)

Last night, Erykah Badu performed for an adoring, sold-out crowd in the newly refurbished Kings Theatre in the Flatbush section of New York City’s Brooklyn. The venue – a classically designed theatre that looks out of place among the nearby fast-food joints and chain stores – was the perfect setting for what in many ways was a debut show for one of today’s reigning queens of contemporary Soul. For one, it was her first time performing much of the material from her mixtape, But You Cain’t Use My Phone, slated for arrival tomorrow (December 4). Secondly, it was the first time most of the attendees had ever seen her in a non-festival setting, making it a Badu-only event allowing the Dallas native to fully embrace the love in the building. While she started off her electric live show with new music, she spent the majority revisiting her classics, performing renditions of songs like “… & On,” “Danger,” “I Want You,” “Love of My Life,” “Out My Mind, Just in Time,” “Tyrone,” and “Window Seat.” It was her first performance since her highly successful jaunt as the host of the Soul Train Awards, and the residual energy engulfed the whole building, and now those who weren’t in attendance can have their own front-row view of the show.

In a 15-minute behind-the-scenes video, Periscope follows Badu from the wings of the theatre, where she introduces her crew; to the moment she takes the stage, and the thankful crowd screams in delight; throughout the first leg of her show, during which she performs new tracks like “Phone Down” and others. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more releases that are sure to follow the official arrival of But You Cain’t Use My Phone.

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