Anderson .Paak Gives You One More Chance To Get Into The Party, On A Hi-Tek Funk Track (Audio)

Anderson .Paak spent 2015 making so many artists’ albums all the more dope. From Dr. Dre’s Compton to The Game’s Documentary 2.5, to the Blended Babies’ own Anderson .Paak EP, the Southern California drummer-singer-MC sprinkled his musical seasonings into some real delicacies.

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In 2016, it seems to be Paak’s time. Malibu releases this week (January 15), his latest album—and first since the boom of cosigns from Dre and DJ Premier. “Come Down” plays like a part pulpit groove, and part house party turn-up anthem.

Produced by DJ Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal), the latest single is wildly funky. Anderson’s vocals go to work on a song that feels inspired by D’Angelo and Mystikal at the same damn time. However, while there is a complex curry of influences, this is something that is wholly original.

This is why Anderson .Paak is one of the best things smoking in the 2-0-1-6, and it’s probably one of the last opportunities to get a ticket before things really blow up.

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