Ghostface Killah’s Wu-Goo Will Melt Your Mind. This Video Is A Literal Head Trip

Wu-Tang Clan listeners already know that the nine member collective loves Rap cyphers and smokers cyphers alike. Method Man is not the only Wu member to profit from recreational mind elevation (thanks to the How High franchise). Ghostface Killah is now in on the hustle too.

The Staten Island, New Yorker recently tweeted that he was headed to Colorado (where pot is legal) to do some biz for “Wu-Goo.” Today (January 18), Heads learn a whole lot more. G.F.K. makes an infomercial-music video about the cannabis oil, and brought Killah Priest with him. “This shit gon’ fuck you up,” vows the general of the Theodore Unit, adding that pineapple coconut, strawberry, and mango vanilla are among the “new wave” of firing-up flavors.

The ensuing verses (from Ghost’ and K.P.) are whimsical and product placement. However, Dr. Zodiac’s beat and video make this something that burns slower, and lasts longer for Wu-Tang Clan Heads. Lots of mixed media and special effects make this marketing moment all the weirder, in the Killah canon.

Earlier today, Ironman Ghost was sampled in Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s new single, “No More Parties In L.A.”

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