9th Wonder Protege GQ Delivers A Powerful Sidewalk Freestyle (Video)

Previously, Jamla Records artist GQ has made poignant poetry in natural elements. Less than one year ago, the Oakland, California basketball star-turned-MC appeared rapping alongside Locksmith in a Lyft. This time, under a Grand Avenue Oaktown movie-house marquee, GQ demonstrates a deft freestyle, with some powerful lines about race, mortality, and the way the world seems to work. “Lord shoot me a blessing before the cops do it,” is especially jarring. This one packs a punch.

The 360ยบ camera work, and the catchy colored lights add to the coolness of this moment in time.

If you want to hear more like this, check for 2014’s Rated Oakland LP. Look out for O.D.S. in 2016.

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