Ice Cube, Kevin Hart & Conan Go for a Ride Along With a Student Driver (Video)

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are on a media blitz, promoting their upcoming film, Ride Along 2. Arriving in theatres on January 15, it serves as a sequel its very successful 2014 predecessor, Ride Along. In promoting that film, the legendary MC and megawatt star comedian visited Conan O’Brien’s self-titled TBS late-night talk show in 2013 and blessed the world with a hilarious skit whose basic premise was the three unlikely friends going for a spin in an unsuspecting Lyft driver’s car. A quick stop at a corner store to pick up blunts and 40s took place, of course, as did some hilarious interactions with passersby. That sketch went viral, and now the internet has engulfed with laughs again, thanks to a repeat outing featuring the infamous trio and yet another unsuspecting victim.

This time around, Cube, Hart, and O’Brien go along for a ride with a student driver for a lesson she’ll likely never forget. With the three passengers switching seats throughout the bit, Conan staff member Diana Chang practices her skills behind the wheels with a handful of distracting backseat drivers. At one point, Kevin Hart asks her if she’s ever dated a Black guy, and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of their outing. How they managed to get a presumably unlicensed driver to ride around the streets of Los Angeles without a certified driving instructor is Hollywood magic, but the result is some truly hysterical comedy that captures Conan’s self-deprecating awkwardness, Ice Cube’s endless level of cool, and Kevin Hart’s over-the-top antics. Check out the full thing below, and click here to see one of the trailers for Ride Along 2. Honorable mention to when Ice Cube says “Ay, Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore a seatbelt.”

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