Jamila Woods Makes an Anthem for Black Girls Everywhere (Audio)

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Chicago-based singer Jamila Woods first turned Heads on a major level through her work on Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment’s 2015 Surf album on “Sunday Candy.” Currently gearing up for the release of her debut solo project, she has announced her signing to the Closed Sessions label, and has dropped “blk girl soldier.” Focused on the issues faced by Black women in the United States, it’s equal parts rallying cry for change and celebration of what she calls “Black girl magic.”

In a recent conversation with Billboard, Woods divulges that she was inspired to write the song because of a protest chant she learned in her hometown. Produced by Jus Cuz and Saba, the track pulls no punches in its triumphant procession, demonstrated in its opening lyrics. “She’s telepathic, call it Black girl magic. She scares the government, deja vu of Tubman,” Woods proclaims. As she told Billboard, her appreciation for the civil rights era is targeted most directly towards the music. Back then, she says, “songs were both a balm and a call to action. I’m interested in figuring out what freedom songs would sound like in 2016. My hope is that ‘blk girl soldier’ is a freedom song for black women today who are fighting the macro and microagressions of daily life in our city/country/world.”

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