Questlove’s Trip to a Prince Concert Went from Near Disaster to Epic Win (Video)

For most of us, being able to see the one and only Prince live in concert will likely never happen. Even less likely is being able to hit the show on a first date. For Questlove, it’s a bit less far-fetched of a possibility, and in a wonderfully creative animated short, the Roots drummer and music icon details the unforgettable experience. As part of Okayplayer’s Storyville video series, the Philly native tells the tale of a first date that nearly took a serious turn for the awkward, and his own words are accompanied by some dope animation by Hectah.

In “Questlove vs. Prince,” Heads are invited into the backstory of a time when Questlove brought nine friends and a date to check out Prince in Philadelphia, but things begin to get strange when he realizes he forgot to purchase a ticket for himself. Needless to say, the show was sold out and the only place Questlove would be able to sit was on stage. In theory, sitting on stage during a Prince concert sounds like an ideal scenario, but his being on a first date made it uncomfortable, to say the least. However, the night wasn’t a total wash. Questo was asked to throw a party for Prince that very same night and, well, throw a party he did. It’s storytelling for Heads, and a reminder of just how amazing life’s little journeys can be.

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