This Interactive Audio Chart Allows You To Play Every #1 Rap Song Since 1989

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Billboard – the world’s premier source for the ranking of music sales – has teamed up with to create an incredibly dope interactive audio chart which allows Heads to not only listen to every top-ranking Hip-Hop track since 1989, but also provides extensive history for each song, the extended chart history for any included artist, and much more. Having culled data from Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart, the ingenious developers of this treasure trove for audiophiles have translated numbers and figures into vibrant, easily navigated charts, each one documenting a particular song or artist’s trajectory.

Heads have the option of navigating the plethora of data by year (as Billboard suggests, “try picking the year you graduated high school for a major flashback”). For example, if one selects 2005, a playlist featuring 50 Cent’s “Just A Lil Bit” will be included. Clicking on his name will allow the user to view the performance of any one of his chart-topping tracks at any given time of year. The timeline works in a sliding fashion, meaning not only can one select 2005, but one can use the mechanism to visit a specific time, say February. The depth of the information-loaded audio timeline is unbelievably expansive, and is sure to delight Heads both young and grown.



Go ahead. Dive in.

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