Blu & Rapper Big Pooh Say It’s Do Or Die When The Stakes Are High (Audio)

In 2015, Rapper Big Pooh and Nottz came together to release Home Sweet Home. The Mello Music Group LP had been anticipated for years, and delivered with strength from the two Virginia native creatives. Just under three months removed from release day (November 13), now is as good a time as any to admire the LP’s bonus cut.

“Grass Ain’t Green” hones in on the hustler’s ambition that applies to the streets and the Rap game. The track welcomes Blu, who has previously worked with these two. Both he and Pooh kick tales about going to the extremes to make things happen. Nottz programs a sullen vocal sample, with a catchy arrangement underneath. This is some heartfelt do-or-die Rap from two MCs stepping out of their typical realms.

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