Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier Make That BOOM BAP That Gets Heads Emotional (Audio)

Over the last 20 years, Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Premier have made numerous powerful collaborations. From the work on O.C.’s Jewelz that was one of the earliest transitions of Freddie Foxxx to Bumpy Knuckles, to Gang Starr hit “The Militia,” to Underground Hip-Hop anthem “Part Of My Life,” this pair goes back, and is still going strong.

Just a few calendars removed from their Top 200 collaborative LP The Kolexxxion, Preem’ and Bump’ reunite, with Atlanta, Georgia’s Sy Ari (f/k/a Sy Ari Da Kid). “Emoshunal Greed” is a totally new terrain for the artists. The record is about family drama, and some of the inner-workings of challenged relationships where children are pitted against parents. Put another way, this song is a hardcore Hip-Hop ode to baby mama drama.

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While Bumpy and Sy spit from the heart, Preemo cuts up some Edo. G, Mos Def, and more with precision.

As a reminder, Bumpy Knuckles is hard at work on O.G.ology. This is the latest super-group, also comprised of Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Trick-Trick. The forthcoming album is entirely produced by Nottz.

DJ Premier (and PRhyme partner Royce Da 5’9″) will perform at this weekend’s second annual J Dilla Weekend in Miami, Florida.

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