Cypress Hill Light Up For 9th Album, With DJ Muggs At The Helm (Video)

It has been nearly six years since mult-platinum Los Angeles, California trio Cypress Hill released a full length album. 2010’s Rise Up found B-Real, Sen Dog, and DJ Muggs outsourcing a lot of their product to guest producers and lots of collaborative features. In an interview with HipHopDX, B-Real says that the group is back in action, 25 years after their celebrated, self-titled debut.

Elephants On Acid is what the title is,” confirmed B of the group’s ninth full-length. “It’s pretty much in the finishing stages. [DJ] Muggs is mixing [right now].” The MC said that the lapse in time can be attributed to quality and care. “Cypress Hill always traditionally took one to two years to make an album—and that’s not counting the time that we tour and stuff like that. Just because we like to do a lot of work. Muggs likes to flip things 10 times over. So what you start with may not be what ends up there. So when I did all my [vocal] stuff, when I left, I didn’t take any demos—none of that, so I don’t know what the fuck it sounds like until the absolute end.”Notably, Muggs produced two mere songs on the band’s last album. By the sound of B-Real, the 7A3 alum is back at the reigns of the C.H. sound.

Noting that he has his own Downtown L.A. studio, his Smokebox film studio, and Muggs maintains Soul Assassins Studios, the group tried different processes. “So we just keep doing tracks. Then we all listen to tracks and [decide] ‘this is it’ or ‘this is not it.’ From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty fuckin’ crazy. Muggs is that guy that doesn’t do production like anyone else is doing.” The MC gave credit to his longtime partner, who produced for a host of artists beyond Cypress Hill. “It’s just about us keeping up with him.”

Describing the album, B-Real gave fans of early ’90s Cypress records reason to anticipate. “Dark psychedelic sound,” is how the Southern California veteran coined the album. No release date was given.

In 2012, Cypress Hill partnered with EDM DJ/producer Rusko for an EP.

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