DJ Premier Does For Yuna What He Did For D’Angelo. Made A Soul Classic (Audio)

Yuna has enjoyed an extensive career over the last decade, crossing over from Malaysian Pop into a flagship artist at the storied Verve Records imprint. She has worked with The Neptunes (both Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, individually), and Sa-Ra Creative Partners’ Om’Mas Keith. On her new single “Places To Go,” Yuna gets down with Gang Starr’s DJ Premier.

Some of Preemo’s biggest hits have been beyond the Hip-Hop genre, thanks to work with Christina Aguilera, D’Angelo, and Limp Bizkit. This time, he weaves in some of his trademark sample effects on a moving track about being on the move. This features scratches, Hip-Hop punch-ins, and a banging bassline, as Yuna’s singing and writing feel so good. Listen to the lyrics—which showcase what’s made Yuna so easy to relate to.

This single is from Chapters (May 20).

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