DJ Premier Remixes Kanye West & Makes Him Sound Like The Old Kanye (Audio)

Throughout the last decade, DJ Premier and Kanye West have worked together several times. Whether “Classic,” “Everything I Am,” or Common’s “The Game,” Preemo has been a reigning affiliate of the G.O.O.D. Music family, and one of West’s influences.

Thereby, the Gang Starr member takes it upon himself to remix “I Love Kanye.” An inclusion on this month’s The Life Of Pablo, the song is one of the few featuring no guests, or guest producers. With his chopped up beats, Preemo complements ‘Ye’s deliberately choppy, repetitive delivery—and makes the concept sound harder. Having worked with Preem’ in the past, the notion of “old Kanye” (as stated in the lyrics) comes alive in this unofficial remix – or “T.L.O.Preemix”:

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