Freddie Gibbs Has Some Things To Get Off His Chest On “Freddie Gordy” (Video)

Spitting reality Rap is what made Freddie Gibbs pivot from being an Interscope Records castaway to one of the prime independent movers and shakers of Hip-Hop. Gangsta Gibbs epitomizes Gangsta Rap in the 2010s. Shadow Of A Doubt single “Freddie Gordy” is the latest article of evidence in just how raw the Gary, Indiana MC keeps it.

The song chronicles Gibbs’ street exploits as well as his personal demons. He explains his ESGN crew’s loyalty, and how he still applies lessons from his days in the trap, to his industry maneuvers. In the video, he opens with how he believes his been overlooked over the years. “All my life, I feel like I’ve been under something. Underrated. Underpaid. Under-appreciated,” he says, while also reminding himself that success is “a marathon, not a sprint.”

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