Jay Electronica Aims To Crash The Grammy Party With This Controversial Song (Audio)

Jay Electronica is not among the artists up for a Grammy nomination tonight (February 15). However, the Roc Nation MC seemingly aimed to crash the party with his latest song, “Curse Of Mayweather.” In a track that references A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” and Jay Z’s “Streets Is Talking,” Jay Electronica is out to snatch the Rap conversation (as he has done before), and take on challengers. Even the chorus calls for Jay Electronica to “drop a bomb on ’em.”

One section of the Boxing-inspired-titled song seemingly mimics an interview with a woman’s voice declaring, He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, y’all not equal,” The New Orleans, Louisiana MC/producer responds, in rhyme: “Man, fuck these white people. My grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors, and niggas still runnin around beggin for awards.

The exchange, especially the 11 nominations, is an apparent address to “Control” collaborator Kendrick Lamar. Earlier today, Jay Elect’ tweeted some thoughts upon sharing the song that may lead many to think he is dissing the Compton, California TDE MC.

Additionally, the close associate of Jay Z and Puff Daddy, took the latest shots in a war of words with 50 Cent, both on Twitter, and in the song’s lyrics—where he says he is considering an “all out war” with the G-Unit honcho:

Other celebrities name-checked include Allen Iverson, Tom Hanks, and even Jay’s onetime girlfriend, Kate Rothschild.

This song aims to get everybody talking. Heads will have to wait until after the awards (which are now live) to likely see if Kendrick Lamar, among anybody else, takes Jay’s words personally.

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