Nas & Usher’s Demand For Social Revolution Gets A Symbolic Video

Usher’s single “Chains” is as heartfelt as anything ever released from the R&B/Pop icon. Joined by Nas and Bibi Bourelly, the record is a cry for not just change, but revolution. The 2015 song’s intricate lyrics reference “The Pledge Of Allegiance,” and some of the martyrs (Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sean Bell) that have died to awaken society to the issues. Nas’ verse is both a dazzling display of flow, but more importantly a work of impassioned knowledge.

From weapons to baby pictures, the American flag to churches, protesters to police cruisers, the black-and-white video (starring only Usher of the performers) is filled with symbolic imagery. Notably, Nas’ nimble verse is delivered by a boy, who is growing up in this world that institutionally perceives him as a threat.

This song talks about how the themes of slavery are still very much alive in the United States—only in this era, the chains are invisible.

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