Pusha T Responds to Internet Trolls Clowning His Hair & Illuminati Membership (Video)

In the Vice series “The People Vs.,” artists are asked to respond to comments left on their music, such as on YouTube threads. In the past, folks like Migos, NWA, and Action Bronson have taken part in the segment and each time there takes place a uniquely millennial interaction between musicians and the everyday critics. Pusha T has appeared on the series twice, first in 2014 as he responded to comments about his solo track “Numbers on the Board,” and again today – but this time, he responded to the good and bad remarks made about Clipse’s “Grindin'” video. In the five-minute clip, he manages to address a handful of both complimentary and accusatory comments, but there is clearly more attention paid to the more entertaining choices.

The first negative comment King Push addresses relates to the Neptunes production of the smash 2002 single. “How much did they pay Pharrell for that Casio keyboard beat”, the comment reads. “We probably didn’t pay him anything,” Push responds. “We were all in it for fun, man, and just for the love of the game.” The ribbing doesn’t end there, as another troll says of Pusha T “Nigga still rockin’ them struggle braids like Allen Iverson.” Push responds by explaining the meaningful value of his hairstyle, one that is so clearly connected to real-life pain he’s felt that it’s hard not to feel badly about laughing at the comment made. Further comedy ensues when a YouTube user’s comment about Pusha T being a member of the Illuminati is read, which elicits Pusha’s most visible reaction of the entire segment. When his seemingly uncanny ability to avoid aging is tied to his being a part of the secret society, Pusha says “I blame it on Virginia and the laid-back lifestyle” (1:35).

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One comment reflects on how “Grindin'” was emblematic of a time when mainstream Rap included a unique sound and lyrical talent, which the commenter argues doesn’t exist today. Pusha T offers up some insight as to why he disagrees. “You can’t shun what’s going on in Hip-Hop today. If you really think about it, your greats and your favorites – if they’re the same as mine – they only had a window of like, 4 years, 5 years and it’s sad, ’cause I feel like a lot of that has to do with the fact that they didn’t embrace what was coming up from the next generation or the next wave. You don’t have to switch your style to that way, but you gotta embrace it, man” (3:50)

It’s not all negative, as Push thanks one commenter for calling him a “lyrical genius.” However, it’s the direct contact with the – let’s face it – hilariously trolling comments that make this video memorable.

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