Rihanna Turns Up The Heat In A Steamy Double Video With Drake (Video)

Since releasing a teaser over the weekend, Rihanna has had her legions of fans more than ready for the release of the video for “Work,” but RiRi had something more in store. Today she released not one but two videos for the song, each showcasing a different side of the same coin. The lead single features Drake and is just one of two non-solo tracks on Rihanna’s eighth studio album, ANTI. Other than the SZA-assisted “Consideration,” Work is the only song not carried entirely by Rihanna’s singing, making the January 28 LP one of her most ambitious projects to date. That ambition is not news to anyone; earlier this month, she earned the esteemed and historical honor of becoming the first artist to earn 100-million song awards from the RIAA. Furthering her unmatched success is the fact that ANTI went platinum within 15 hours of its TIDAL release. So releasing a double video is just slight work.

In the teased version of “Work”‘s video, the Barbadian siren fully embraces her Caribbean roots in a room filled with dancing, celebrating, and vibrant men and women. Featuring the sensual dance stylings commonly found throughout West Indian culture, it’s a powerful piece of cultural pride and one that is likely introducing some of the region’s distinctive patois into mainstream music culture. The video’s slightly more adult counterpart stars just Rihanna and Drake and despite being more subtle in its imagery, it’s certainly less so in other regards. The videos have already pulled nearly half-a-million views on YouTube in its first hour. Hard work really does pay off…

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