See The Side Of Compton That Makes Kendrick Lamar’s “Keisha’s Song” A Reality (Video)

Following the captivating first part of Noisey mini-documentary Bompton, viewers got an inside look at the city of Compton. Kendrick Lamar and 20-year best friend Lil L are among the hosts in a voyeuristic ride through the gang-controlled streets that have affected Rap music for the last 30 years. While it may result in some of the greatest Hip-Hop ever made, things are by no means all good in Hub City.

Part 2 keeps Lil L close. Noisey host Zach Goldbaum joins Lil L for a gumbo dinner at his grandmother’s house. With Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Prince, and Kobe Bryant portraits on the wall, this woman reflects on the city from 1965-2016. She talks about the poor attitudes of police and first responders in the ’60s towards residents (and Blacks in particular), and how she fought hard to raise her children without criminal records. With L sitting beside her, she admits that her grandchildren have not cooperated with the legal system. Part 2 then travels to one of the many recording studios throughout CPT. With Dr. Dre as the stated inspiration, the youth are using Rap music as a portal out of the South Central Los Angeles.

In Part 3, Zach hits looks at the Hip-Hop community in Compton that exists beyond the major label system and blogs. Traveling with Hitta J3, Boogie, and Kalifornia King Special (two of whom appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly artwork), Bompton looks at how seriously these artists take their music. Via a phone-call into a radio show, Snoop Dogg shows support—while these artists explain what supports their fledgling careers. For Kalifornia King Special, he publicly announces his role in prostitution. Noisey then travels to a hotel room, to meet two of King’s prostitutes, who explain their journey into the position. Hitta J3 takes cameras for a drive down Rosecrans, the avenue immortalized by Rap lyrics. The men speaking to cameras show just how much violence transpires down the gang artery through Compton. As one career takes off via a regional hit song, cameras reveal that another up-and-coming star from the city is now incarcerated.

Kendrick Lamar briefly appears in both episode 2 and 3.

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