Tyler, The Creator Reminds Listeners Of Odd Future’s Sonic Diversity (Video)

Many Hip-Hop crews have grown to include a spectrum of genres in one place. N.W.A. had Michel’le, TDE has SZA, and Tha Dogg Pound had Nate Dogg. However, upon their early 2011 mainstream introduction (five years ago this month via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon), Odd Future had so many looks. There was the dense lyricism of Earl Sweatshirt, the boisterous energy of Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats, and the smooth, Jazz-informed strut of The Internet. At the center of it all was Tyler, the Creator—the P.T. Barnum the Los Angeles, California youth circus.

While the diaspora of the group has been definitive in the last half-decade, Tyler’s latest video single is a reminder of the gestalt of sounds and styles that has always been at the crux of OFWGKTA.

“Everything’s Perfect” is a Cherry Bomb inclusion that features over-dubbed singing from Kali Uchis. Tyler drops in some responses, before the instrumentation-heavy beat changes greatly (thanks to Austin Feinstein’s guitar and vocals) for his part. The moment combines Soul, Pop, and Electronic—with tinges of Jazz. While the song (and Wolf Haley-directed video) are offbeat, it all seems to work in this Odd universe.

#BonusBeat: Can you believe it’s been five years?

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